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Key Advantages of LEDs over Neon Lighting for Businesses in Toronto

As the holiday season is approaching many home owners are looking for creative new ways to illuminate their home exteriors with festive décor. But the need to install them can become a daunting chore. Luckily there are outdoor lighting fixtures, like LED, that can be installed permanently to the outside of your home removing the need for reinstallation each season. In having permanent outdoor Christmas lights added to your home you can benefit from the following features:

1. Longer Life Span & Less Maintenance 

High-quality LED lights, like the ones used for permanent outdoor Christmas lighting, will not only outlast conventional fluorescent or neon lights by a significant number of years, but also require far less maintenance to keep your home shining bright. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which are fragile and more require more replacing, LEDs are virtually indestructible, weatherproof and can withstand the wear and tear that comes with having multiple use each year. 

2. Works in the Daylight & Nighttime

While conventional outdoor Christmas lighting fixtures still have eye-catching features come nighttime, they are less visible and bright in the daytime compared to LEDs. If you are thinking about hosting multiple parties at different times throughout the holiday season, and are interested in consistent lighting throughout the day, LED bulbs are the way to go. Permanent outdoor Christmas lighting offers a creative and unique way to illuminate the exterior of your home no matter the time of day.  

3. More Environmentally Conscious 

With the advancement of technology, LEDs have become increasingly cheaper and offer home owners a more eco-conscious choice. Traditional fluorescent and neon lights are toxic to dispose of due to the chemicals housed inside the glass tubes. The LED bulbs that are used in permanent outdoor Christmas lighting are easy to install and can be safely recycled. LEDs also require less energy to power compared to traditional lights and you will see the return on investment through your energy bills. 

4. More Flexible Installation 

In a tightly packed urban city like Toronto, maximizing your space is key so why let bulky neon lighting take up precious real estate? LED strip lighting and bulbs are thinner, smaller and require less space for installation. Thus, they are a more flexible option for those with pocket-sized commercial spaces.

5. Countless Colour & Display Choices

One of the major disadvantages that comes with conventional outdoor Christmas lighting, is that once you install them there’s not much flexibility if you change your mind down the line. Swapping out the design would mean taking the whole thing down again. Newer outdoor Christmas lighting systems offer endless possibilities when it comes to colours and display settings. Light up your home’s exterior in red and green accents to welcome the festive season or add extra oomph with flashing and fading animations. Because permanent outdoor Christmas lights offer a long-term decorative option, they can be programmed to celebrate any season, holiday or special occasion and not just Christmas. 

If you are considering making an upgrade or installing lighting in a new home, take the time to research and consult a professional company on which products are best suited for your needs. Conventional lighting systems may have been the golden standard a few decades ago, but the progression of LED lighting technology has homeowners choosing more permanent, safer and environmentally friendly options.